Why Should You Choose India for Your Medical Treatment?

There Are 8 Reasons.

1. Cost Saving.

The cost of medical treatments in India is significantly lower compared to identical treatments in the developed world. As a matter of fact treatments in India are by and large far less expensive than elsewhere in the world. Almost each and every treatment are around 50-80% less expensive in India than in Europe, USA, UK and Oceania. Foreign patients can get package deals including, flights, transfers, hotels, treatment, and post-operative vacation for their medical visits to India. Many foreign patients prefer to combine their leisure and relaxation visits to India with healthcare.

2. Highly qualified Professionals.

t only have India’s leading hospitals and medical facilities achieved the highest and world-class standards, but so have the professional staff working there. The physicians, surgeons and nurses have been meticulously trained to the highest levels, while many of the specialists have been conducting research at the world’s best medical institutes with some even leading the field in which they specialize. Many of our Indian doctors and surgeons visit the faculties of many developed countries such as the USA, UK and Europe. Most of the surgeons and doctors in Indian hospitals are certified by American Board Certificates, which means higher standards, better precision and care.

3. Internationally Accredited Hospitals.

Indian Healthcare Industry takes pride with more than 22+ JCI, 266+ NABH Accreditation, ISO certifications and other medical certifications. Many have subjected their premises and systems to the most rigorous classification by applying for accreditation and certification assessed by a qualified standards organization or facility to determine if it meets a set of standards and requirements designed to improve the quality of patient care.

4. India’s medical technology is state-of-the-art.

The hospitals in India feature state-of-the-art technology that helps them provide the highest degree of medical treatment and service. Indian hospitals are equipped with high end technologies such as Gamma knife, Cyberknife, IMRT, brain suite, Novelix TX, PET Scan, IGRT, etc. India is known for medical treatments where advanced healthcare is required, such as organ transplants, cardio-vascular surgery, eye surgery, etc.

5. No waiting list.

One of the great advantages of receiving medical treatment in India is the ease with which appointments for treatment can be arranged. Indian hospitals have numerous operating theaters and enough qualified surgeons which makes the process more friendly and zeroes the patient waiting time for even the most complex and invasive procedures.

6. India offers excellent services.

Indians are proud that their national character has won them a well-deserved reputation for their compassion and warm hospitality. The level of service excellence is virtually unprecedented in the world and many patients and visitors are pleasantly surprised to find hospitals in India with excellent restaurants, coffee shops and personalized room service not experienced anywhere else in the world.

7. Speak your language!

Indian hospitals feature 24-hour nursing care, and staff are experienced in assisting foreign patients, with more than 30 hospitals employing specialized English speaking staff and many providing translators in a wide variety of foreign languages, including Arabic, Russian, Pushtu, Bengali, German, Chinese and with multilingual interpreters you can rest assured that there are no language barriers.

8. Ease of travel.

Today, international travel is easier and more affordable than ever. Airlines offer convenient flights to many of the Medical Tourism destinations in India such as Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. India’s medical travel industry is clipping along at a 30 percent growth rate annually. India welcomes all travelers from U.S.A, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Cost Comparison

India - Your Best Option.

Prices shown above are in US dollars. Approximate and not actual prices and do not include airfare travel or lodging costs for patient and companion. Prices will vary based upon many factors including hospital, doctor’s experience, accreditation, currency exchange rates and more.