How It Works.

8 Steps for your medical trip

<b>Medical Enquiry</b>1

Medical Enquiry

The client inquires about the treatment by filling online form or calling, along with the medical reports of the patient.
<b>Doctor Consultation</b>2

Doctor Consultation

We follow up on the request and send the reports to several doctors and hospitals to study the situation and find out the total cost of treatment.
<b>Customer Approval</b>3

Customer Approval

The client receives recommendations with a plan and the duration of treatment and prices, and reviews and confirms any additional services desired by him during his trip.
<b>Travel Planning</b>4

Travel Planning

We plan the travel program and coordinate appointments with the hospital and the doctor and book the accommodation as per the convenience of the customer.

<b>Travel to India</b>5

Travel to India

The client travels to India, where he is greeted at the airport and then transferred to the hotel. He will have the advantage of communicating with us round the clock.
<b>Treatment Starts</b>6

Treatment Starts

The client will visit the hospital and the doctor to complete the necessary medical tests and start the treatment. We will be with him during all stages.
<b>Patient Recovery</b>7

Patient Recovery

The required treatment ends and the recovery period begins.
<b>Fly Back Home</b>8

Fly Back Home

As per desire, the patient and accompanying relatives can go on a tailor-made short holiday trip or leave for home.