About us

All You Need To Know About Cureway.

Based in Bangalore, India, Cureway exclusively focuses on medical tourism, and has been officially approved by the Government of India.

Cureway means the way to heal. There is no illness for which there is no cure. We desire to provide patients all over the globe with the best medical treatments in all specialties, by collaborating with prestigious hospitals, clinics and certified diagnostic centers in India on the basis of quality, expertise, technology and accreditations under the supervision of top doctors and surgeons, who are our official partners, to obtain excellent medical care at favorable prices.

Global reports and statistics prove that there are hundreds of thousands of patients traveling to various cities in India from Europe, USA, Gulf and African countries, for attaining high-quality treatments at lower costs. Consequently, we decided to pave the road to recovery for patients by presenting them with the finest health care services during their journey. In addition, our clients can communicate with the General Manager by telephone at any time.

At Cureway, your safety is of the utmost importance, and client confidentiality is taken very seriously. We will see to it that you get the right treatment at the right place.

We believe that satisfaction is history. We believe in delighting our customers.

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Meet The Founders

Working For Your Health.

Ashraf Vohra

Founder & CEO

Ashraf Vohra is a founding member and director of Cureway. Currently residing in Bangalore, India and running his consulting firm AV Associates, Vohra is a CPA with over 30 years of experience in a wide range of multinational companies. His knowledge and experience also extends to financial consulting in areas of corporate finance, M&A, and investment advisory. With a vast amount of experience advising companies in fields of Oil & Gas, Energy & Power, Aviation, Automobile, Engineering & Construction, across the Middle-East and India, Vohra’s areas of expertise are vital to the company.

Bilal Ali Nadvi

Founder & Director

Bilal Ali Nadvi lends his experience and knowledge of over 10 years in the Middle-East in making Cureway more accessible to our patrons. He has been instrumental in designing the Cureway brand identity. He has a Bachelors in Business Administration and specializes in Management Information Systems. In addition to English and Urdu, he also speaks fluent Arabic. Nadvi is currently leading the Middle-Eastern operations.

Why Should You Choose Cureway?

7 Reasons To Make Us Your Choice.

  • We are officially certified and registered, and have a distinctive edge in the field of medical tourism.

  • We are proud to be official partners of the leading hospitals and clinics in India.

  • Our aim is to provide first-class medical treatment at affordable rates.

  • We offer a series of medical, and non-medical services that will facilitate your medical tour.

  • We are proficient in several languages such as Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu etc.

  • At Cureway, we are committed to always being Moral in all our dealings, Transparent about all our actions and Honest in all interactions and announcements.

  • We support each client by fulfilling his demands round the clock throughout the treatment period.


What are Cureway's patients saying?

  • I thank all those in charge of Cureway company and thank to the dear brother Bilal for credibility and punctuality, great handling and for giving some very useful advices. I also thank Dr Ali and his crew on their lovely care and acceptance of customer opinion and not complained in any amendment required by client. I recommend everyone to deal with Cureway.
    Sheban Mohammad
    Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • I hope my allah to guide you because the efforts you have put to handle my case with high care during the treatment period in Bangalore. I'd like to give special thanks to brother Bilal. Thank you very much.
    Yasir Ali
  • I would advise with honesty and conscience to deal with this company for their great service and their good behavior with patient in terms of devotion to work and their helpful advices for the medical traveler.
    Salim Alarjani
    Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • I extend sincere thanks to all members of Cureway company for their elegant and caring behavior. They have negotiated with top hospitals and got best cost for my spine surgery.
    Ajab Aldosary
    Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • I thank the company on very good handling and care, especially Mr. Abdullah Al Sayari and Mr. Bilal Nadvi. They were very cooperative with us and provided special efforts and we thank them.
    Mohammad Aldosary
    Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • Thanks to the brother Bilal on the support provided since the date of arrival.
    Abu Sultan
    Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • All thanks and appreciation to the Cureway company for medical tourism on the effort and quality provided to us during our presence in India.
    Mohammad Alarjani
    Riyadh - Saudi Arabia
  • Cureway is an excellent company, provides great hospitality and follows ethics. Hence, I recommend dealing with them.

    Samahir Saleh
    Al-Kharj - Saudi Arabia
  • I recommend dealing with Cureway because it provides superior quality services and carefully chooses credible doctors. The company is honest in all its transactions with its client.

    Turki Alhumaidi
    Al-Kharj - Saudi Arabia
  • The service was perfect. Thanks for Mr. Bilal and Mr. Moyeen.

    Abdulaziz Al-shammari
    Hafar Al-Batin - Saudi Arabia
  • Cureway is a good company in the medical tourism sector, and we wish them all the success.

    Nafel Alhajeri
    Dammam - Saudi Arabia
  • Yes. With the help of God we have completed our medical treatment trip to India and have been received at the airport. Cureway company deals at a summit of ethics, time punctuality, respect and preservation of the rights of the patient.

    Sultan Alrouqi
    Riyadh - Saudi Arabia